Regulatory Activism – The Unique Israeli Journey

Amid uncertainty around modernizing the timeworn Protection of Privacy Law, the Israeli privacy regulator has emerged as a dominant driving force. In a series of guidelines and recommendations, the Protection of Privacy Authority aims to fill the void with EU General Data Protection Regulation-like concepts and assumes an unprecedented active role in shaping the privacy […]

Dan Or-Hof – Building Blocks for a Global Data Protection Strategy

VIDEO The Art of Privacy is a video series from OneTrust DataGuidance exploring key privacy and data protection concepts with commentary from industry-leading voices. In this episode, Dan Or-Hof, Founder and Owner of Or-Hof Law, discusses the organizational building blocks that should be considered for a global privacy compliance program. Dan explores the complexities and nuances of the current global privacy landscape, the […]

5 lessons the U.S. can learn from European Privacy Efforts

The U.S. Can Avoid Mistakes Made By The E.U. in Digital Security No one would disagree that the internet has reshaped the world. Business, government, and people all need information. The question becomes, how do we keep the information safe from criminals, hostile governments, and business competitors? Experts have wrestled with this question since the […]

Algorithms and driving style, the ADM in the car-sharing services.

In Italy, the installation of algorithms that analyze driving style on cars is taking its first steps. It is an innovation brought by one of the country’s leading car-sharing companies. The purpose at the moment is to improve the maintenance of its fleet of over 2000 cars. But if the algorithm were to have the […]

The CNIL fines two bigtech for the cookies compliance

The CNIL – Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés has issued two significant fines (100 million and 35 million) to two bigtech corps. The first corporation is being challenged for: the installation of non-essential cookies without the user’s prior consent; the lack of information in the banner and the difficulty of finding it even […]

The new frontier of the car insurance: drive safe and pay less

A US leading company of the automotive plans to sell the Car Insurance directly to its customers within one year, using the data relating to their driving behaviour. The system, on a voluntary basis, will offer greater discounts to those who respect the rules and speed limits. In the US alone it is expected that […]