External DPO for Companies and EU Representative

We work as external Data Protection Officer for all kinds of organizations (operating both in the private and public sectors). We also offer Article 27 EU Representative services for multinational corporations when required by the GDPR. Our team members are currently the outsourced DPOs for globally recognised retail and luxury goods brands, tech, security, and healthcare companies.

Personal Data Security Breach Response Services

We help organizations to actively respond to data security breaches, providing data breach response support either on-site or remotely or a combination of both, helping organizations manage the breach; from the identification of critical issues and risk assessments, to the provision of practical solutions.

Data Subject Rights Services

Our data protection experts can help companies understand their new and increased obligations to individuals whose personal data they are processing. We can deliver these services on-site or remotely, or a combination of both, helping them build a smooth and efficient process.

Privacy & Data Protection Audit activities

We assist organizations in assessing and measuring their level of compliance with Privacy & Data Protection rules and regulations. With a multidisciplinary team, we are able to analyse an organization’s level of compliance from both a legal and technical perspective. We provide an in-depth audit report and gap analysis followed by a remediation plan in order to achieve maximum compliance in a short time frame.

Data Protection Training

We work with all kinds of organizations providing tailored training on data protection and security, using various modalities: “in person” training sessions; live video sessions and e-learning modules.

Forensic Investigations

We provide forensic technical services to assist legal investigations in compliance with data protection and labour law requirements. We provide the following solutions: extraction of employees’ email boxes, forensic imaging of hard-disks, analysis of databases for the search of judicial evidences with pre-selected key terms, generation of encrypted archives, execution of secure cloud-based computer file transfer services.

DPO Support Services

We help “in-house” DPOs by supporting them in all their duties. Depending on the needs of the organization, we can deliver these services on-site or remotely. We provide with a regular reports detailing ongoing progress and regular reports to senior management and the board, as necessary.

DPIA – Data Protection Impact Assessments and Privacy by Design

We help organizations to carry out Privacy and Data Protection Impact assessments (PIA/DPIA) and to implement Privacy by Design best practices. Our team members are experts in utilising different methodologies in order to assess the degrees of risk involved in data processing operations.

Direct Marketing, Profiling & Data Protection

Strand can demystify this complex and often challenging area of data protection law, helping organisations maximise their ability to carry out effective direct marketing campaigns which are compliant with data protection legislation.

IAPP’s CIPP/E and CIPM training

As official training partners of the IAPP, our local teams provide regular Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) and Certified Information Privacy Management (CIPM) training.