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Dan Or-Hof – Building Blocks for a Global Data Protection Strategy


The Art of Privacy is a video series from OneTrust DataGuidance exploring key privacy and data protection concepts with commentary from industry-leading voices. In this episode, Dan Or-Hof, Founder and Owner of Or-Hof Law, discusses the organizational building blocks that should be considered for a global privacy compliance program.

Dan explores the complexities and nuances of the current global privacy landscape, the challenges that businesses face in light of these complexities as well as solutions for overcoming these difficulties. In addition, Dan goes into the details of the necessary building blocks that can be used to achieve an adequate level of data protection compliance on a global scale. 

Dan also talks in more depth around subjects, such as: 

  • balancing limited resources and compliance;
  • the data protection risks associated with global business; 
  • using the GDPR as a benchmark for global compliance;
  • a risk-based approach to data protection compliance;
  • international security standards; and 
  • Privacy by Design and by Default, among other things. 

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